Will you marry me ?

by MyManMike

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MyManMike is :
Sunwoon Kim : Bass / vocals
Mathew Klein : Guitar / vocals
JP Lejal : drums


released May 22, 2013

Recorded at Bubblegum Sound (Seoul) in January 2013.
Mixed by Benoît Courribet from Cylens Mastering.
Artwork by Katrin Baumgärtner (blog.naver.com/jaundicekat)
Pictures by Punkie and Ken Robinson

"My man Mike" music video :




MyManMike Seoul, South Korea

MyManMike is a thrashcore / Powerviolence band based in Seoul, South Korea, that started in late 2011. 3 members, 3 countries : USA, France and South Korea. The band released 2 albums, "Will you marry me ?" in 2013 and "I'm pregnant" in 2014, and performed more than 100 shows in 20 countries across Asia, Europe and America. The next tours will take place in South East Asia and Europe in 2016 ... more

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Track Name: Proboscis
Day one, I’m just a child I don’t know what is moving around me.
I’ve got no idea where to go, I just follow people I belong.
But I’ve got a feeling I cannot explain
Day two I feel stronger, I’m faster than all the others
Now I am looking for something different.
Give me Blood.
Locked in this room I fly round and round and
You come inside so I leap out at you.
I’m fucking hungry. Give me blood.
I put my needle under your skin and
I spit my saliva and start sucking but
The floor is moving. Give me blood.
You noticed my presence, you felt my bite, you feel the pain,
Killing me is what you want, I see the hatred in your eyes
Now satisfied, I’m trying to escape,
but please one more time Give me Blood
Track Name: Le ligre est un animal surprenant
Tu ne sais même pas ce que tu es
Liger, tellement vorace
Au sommet de la chaîne alimentaire
Liger, une telle menace
Quand ils te voient les gens sont terrifiés
Liger, T’es affamé
C’est sans pitié que tu as même saigné tes parents
Vous pouvez prier, pour y échapper. Il va vous bouffer
L’union de deux prédateurs, naissance d’une nouvelle race
L’homme joue encore à Dieu, il perdra quoi qu’il fasse
Le ligre est incontrôlable, une machine à tuer
Cauchemar en première classe, plus besoin de payer
Sous ses crocs acérés tes os vont se briser
Alerte aux Cosmocats, vous pouvez l’arrêter
C’est sans pitié que tu vas nous bouffer
Track Name: Inside outside USA
Inside, outside USA
everybody cries for the USA
Buying so many guns
Killing so many people
Inside, outside USA
everybody laughs at the USA
Too scared to realize
You think it’s a war
But it’s just a joke
Inside, outside USA
everybody laughs at the USA
Track Name: Bleach baby
Steel one baby, put it in a dumpster
Pour 2 liters of bleach and a teaspoon of water
Add a pinch of salt
Stuff its ass with garlic and pepper
remove its eyes, its teeth and its fingers
add some salt
wait at least 48 hours
if you hear some screams put the music louder
take a knife then start cutting
put pieces onto skewers
roast over open flame
until skin is crispy but tender
Now you can serve your bleach baby
You can also try with teenagers
Track Name: South Kor Suicide
So what did you say ?
Who killed himself?
Parents, best friends or president?
Is it their own fucking fault?
South Korea Suicide!
Go kill yourself, there’s no right
Feel the pain. It’s better for live
Get back
난간에서 네 몸을 강 위로 던져
욕조속의 면도날은 날카롭게
아무도 없는 곳 나무위 걸린끈
아무도 너를 찾지못할 곳으로 가
썩고 찢기고 더렵혀진 너의 몸
그 누구가 볼 때까지 그 자리에
숨을 깊이 들여마시고
소릴 질러 고통을 느껴봐
모두 삼켜 토하려 토하려 하지마
뛰어 들어 창문을 열고 뛰어 내려
빨간 피를 봐도 놀라지마
Track Name: Boris : On
나타난다, 사라져버린다
편이된다, 적이된다
Who saves us? Jesse Borison
Who saved the scene? Jesse Borison
Evil part of Jesse Borisoff
Who’s special? Jesse special
Rum and Coke, Double Shot
늙어간다, 변해만간다
타협한다, 미쳐간다
본 가사는 허구입니다. 등장이름, 지명, 칵테일은 현실과는 아무런 관계가 없습니다. 만일 어떤 특정인물이나 장소, 술과 유사하다면 그것은 단순한 우연의 일치입니다.
Track Name: Just a drag
All my life I just was such a loser
Now I realized what happened
No friend, no fun, no parties, Now I wanna smoke
I have always felt so weak but strong enough to say no
No drugs, no girl, no sex, so now
give me the fire, give me the smoke
Now I have to work harder to make up for lost years
No job, no goal, no future, so now
give me the fire, give me the smoke
Track Name: Hey man, I found Viagra on the street
Searching for pills on the street, I wanna get hard tonight
Swallow whatever I find. I can’t get hard tonight
Charge ahead
The drugs in my stream and down in my head
My soldier is ready and marching to bed
The blue pill’s doing its job. I feel so hard tonight
My body is starting to throb. So fucking hard tonight
I just want to get it one more time
My soldier is ready so prepare yourself for the night
Track Name: We are the Borg
Free thought is irrelevant because we are the Borg
You will be assimilated because we are the Borg
Resistance is futile so just come aboard
We will make you one of us, you will be the Borg
You will become us, you have no choice
Your culture will be ours, you must comply
Fuck your rights, Fuck your life
We are the Borg
Resistance is futile
Track Name: My man Mike
소주 만병, 맥주는 천병, 막걸리 두병
Drink Up
차도를 달려, 페달을 밟아, 누구보다 빨라
Drunk ride, bicycle
Noone chases us now
You can’t stop us now
Wild on the street, My Man Mike
타락한 도시, 부패한 정부, 이 거릴 마셔
미랜 없어, 희망도 없어, 내일은 없어

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